VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate Desktop Practice Exam

VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate Desktop Practice Exam, Attend this VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate Desktop Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam.

Sample Questions:

Which two statements are true about View Desktop entitlements? (Choose two.)

A pool is automatically deleted when its last entitlement is removed.

The View Client will only display desktops to which a user is entitled.

Desktops in a pool can only be used if the pool is entitled.

Users with the Administrators role are entitled to all pools by default.


A pool of desktops called ContractorDTs is created for contract employees. These employees are hired and released as their contracts are negotiated. Their ability to log in to the environment must be activated and deactivated to match their current employment status. What is the most efficient way to manage contractor access to the pool?

entitle each individual user to ContractorDTs, then entitle them to the ActiveContractors group

entitle each individual user to a dedicated desktop in ContractorDTs, then remove the desktop when the contractor is released

entitle a group called ActiveContractors to ContractorDTs, then add or remove contractors from the group as necessary

entitle a shared user named ContractorAccount to ContractorDTs, then change the password when a contractor is released


An administrator is told to create a desktop for two users on different, non-concurrent shifts. The users must have access to the same desktop due to the nature of their work. A single-desktop pool is configured with a floating desktop so that the users always see the same virtual machine. What happens if both users try to access the desktop at the same time?

The second user to connect is denied access.

The second user connects but has read-only access.

The second user connects, but the users share control.

The second user connects, logging out the first user.


A user in the DTUsers group checks out a desktop using View Client with Local Mode. The desktop is a member of the pool LocalDesktops which is entitled to DTUsers. What happens if another member of the group attempts to use the desktop while it is checked out?

The second user is denied access, because only the user who checked out the desktop can use it.

The second user can use the desktop, and any changes are merged with the local copy when the desktop is checked in.

The second user can use the desktop, but any changes are lost when the desktop is checked in.

The second user can use the desktop but only if the local copy is not powered on.

From the Remote Session view within VMware View Administrator, what are three operations that assist with managing users? (Choose three.)

Reset Virtual Machine

Logoff Session

Reboot Virtual Machine

Send Message

Shadow User

Enroll Now

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