To write an article

To write an article, How to write articles to be published in magazines – explained in 30 minutes.


If you are active as an independent consultant, trainer, coach or freelancer, it is important to regularly write several specialist articles and publish them in renowned specialist magazines that your potential customers read. Because your publications distinguish you as an expert. BLOG articles alone are not enough for this.

Furthermore, you have another proof of competence on your website and the probability increases that your potential customers will book you.

We don’t always have the time to write a complete book. A specialist article is therefore exactly right because it usually only contains 2-3 pages.

However, especially at the beginning, it is relatively difficult to convince the editors that your article will be accepted and published in the magazine.

You should therefore first ask yourself why your article is of interest to the editors and why should your article be published?

It is also about finding the right topics, which is often not that easy and a certain challenge.

I myself have published over 60 specialist articles in several magazines. I am also the author of several books. You are in good hands with me for the successful publication of your specialist articles.

I will pass on my knowledge to you in this 30-minute course.


  • What makes an interesting article stand out?
  • Why is your article special?
  • How do I find the right topics for my readers?
  • The fairy tale technique
  • Where can I publish quickly?
  • How are editors contacted?
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