Python 3: Complete Course from Zero to Expert

Python 3: Complete Course from Zero to Expert, Learn easy and fun everything you need to master Python.

Python is an open source programming language , object oriented, very simple and easy to understand. It has a simple syntax that has a vast library of tools, which makes Python a unique programming language.

Knowing how to program in Python is a skill requested by companies around the world. A Jr. Programmer in Python makes $ 77,000 a year on average.

What are you waiting for? We will take you by the hand in each of the topics so that you become an expert in Python and Data Analysis.

What are you waiting for?

The objective of the course is that without previous knowledge you will learn with practical exercises to:

  • Identify the types of data.
  • Define functions.
  • Create classes and objects with OOP.
  • Inheritance and multi-inheritance in classes.
  • Read and manipulate data from text files.
  • Control the flow of the program.
  • Handle errors and exceptions.

We also tackle several exercises where we put into practice what we have learned during the lessons.

What are you waiting for? With this course you will add value to your CV and skills that will make you stand out in your work. Unlock your potential with data analysis, you will develop professional skills and you will be ready to apply them in any job. Remember that the ability to analyze data is one of the most demanded today.

After taking this course you will be able to generate powerful Python code for personal projects or for the professional environment, all based on object-oriented programming which is the best practice in the development world. You will also be able to analyze large volumes of data in Python for personal projects or for the professional environment.

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