Practical Service Desk – Plugin for ITIL

Practical Service Desk – Plugin for ITIL, Good World Practices.

Practical Service Desk – Plugin for ITIL

Service Desk is a training based on the certification guidelines and with a high degree of experience as a Service Desk Director (Help Desk – Help Desk).

This course provides the fundamental knowledge of Service Desk and how to implement concepts that make it successful.

Complements knowledge of ITIL 4 and ITIL 2011.

This course is based on videos where Service Desk Leadership concepts are explained accompanied by documents in PDF format and certification exam questions that help validate the knowledge acquired.

For years I worked directing support areas and for 15 years I have trained in ITIL more than 5000 professionals who work in support desks, help desks, support areas.

I share with you my experiences in this course while I follow the official certiprof material of your world certification in said practice.

The formation of a Service Desk is a fundamental piece in IT Services, therefore knowing the relevant practices of the industry guarantees an excellent result in the operation and management of this point of contact.

Once you finish this training you could choose to take a certification exam, if you want any topic to be expanded, write to me and I will gladly improve the content.

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