Master Microsoft Word and Power Point 2016. From 0 to Expert.

Master Microsoft Word and Power Point 2016. From 0 to Expert., Handling Word and Power Point when making Professional presentations are key for every professional.

The use of Office tools such as Microsoft Word and Power Point today are extremely important in business environments and professional use. Indispensable when planning, presenting or exposing any presentation or delivery of work.

That is why it is considered as an inclusive knowledge, basic in any job search when thinking about hiring personnel.

For that reason, we bring you this professional training where you will be given all the knowledge, from 0 to advanced in the use of these tools so that when you need them, you can do it like a professional.

In this case we do it on one of the most updated versions, 2016.

Microsoft Office in this case Word and Power Point is of generic and common use in every company, so having a handle on these tools today is essential.

I am Álvaro Chirou , I have more than 17 years of experience working in Technology , I have given dissertations at international events such as OWASP, I have more than 300,000 students at Udemy and 30 professional training courses taught there.

My name is Gerardo Gastón Galarza , Scrum Master and Product Owner by Scrum Inc., Agile Coach certified by ICF , with other certifications in Agile and Agile Frameworks, with multiple trainings given for other people to learn about Agile and Scrum.

Start learning right now! See you inside!

Your teachers: Álvaro Chirou and Gerardo Gastón Galarza

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