Machine Learning Mastering Course in Arabic

Machine Learning Mastering Course in Arabic, Professional Course in Artificial Intelligence.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God ,

Welcome to the professional course to learn the field of machine learning, which is one of the most important specializations in the field of artificial intelligence, and it is the most in demand in the labor market and the highest salary in the field of software and technology.

God willing, in this course, I will first build you the basics of mathematics that you need to start in the field, especially in the algebra and statistics branch.

Then we will enter the world of libraries that we will need in the Python programming language, such as:

– Numbai Mathematical Operations Library

– Pandas library for dealing with data, tables and files

Matplotlib library for graphics and statistical figures

Seaborn’s Drawing Library too

Then we will move on to explaining machine learning algorithms and their mathematical equations, which we will explain each part in detail and in an easy way that does not have any complications so that you can understand them, whatever your level of mathematics. We understand all the details and stages during the application and work, and these are the topics that we will address:

Prediction algorithms

Classification Algorithms

– neural networks

– divisions (clusters)

Modern techniques and algorithms

And with each topic, there are several projects that we will apply to

I hope that you benefit from this course and that you enjoy this journey as I enjoy explaining this course and I wish you continued success.

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Note: The course is in progress and has not finished yet

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