Learn video editing (sony vegas 18 pro)

Learn video editing (sony vegas 18 pro), Edit videos.

In this course you will learn to use the sony vegas program and edit, understanding the use of the program and basic functions when working or editing a video or image. They will learn how the program works and how it is composed, in a fast, simple and easy to understand way. This course can be done by people who have the sony vegas program, there is no specific age, you can learn as a child and surprise your friends, but for those who want to start with video editing this course is a good start to develop their editing skills and understanding of the subject, this course can also be used to review and maintain your editing skills, it is a course for both beginners and advanced people.

Also, if you have questions, I will answer them all, so you can have a complete experience of the course.

This course will be complete and in a fast way, meaning that they will be able to learn everything they would learn in a longer time in a shorter time, this so that they can learn in a faster way, for those people who like fast.

  1. Program: Sony vegas (pro 18)

    VEGAS Pro, formerly known as Sony Vegas, is non-linear editing type video editing software and audio editor designed for PC. It is aimed at both professional video editing and the consumer market. It was originally published by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software, and later purchased by MAGIX.

  2. Course: Interface, Timeline, video effects, Texts, Project, Panoramisation, Rederification, Transitions, and other functions (operation of the program, utilities, effects, etc)
  3. Recorded with: OBS Studio: it is a free and open source application for the recording and transmission of video over the internet
  4. Course creator: Joaquín Zaragoza, his teacher

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