Kanban Introduction based CertiProf Certification

Kanban Introduction based CertiProf Certification, CertiProf Kanban Essentials Exam Preparation with Possibility.

Kanban used heavily in Software Projects now applicable to any type of Project.

This course provides the fundamental knowledge of KanBan and focuses on supporting you in certification.

This course is based on videos where KanBan concepts are explained accompanied by documents in PDF format and certification exam type questions that help validate the knowledge acquired.

Learn, give me feedback and let’s build the best course for those who want to play roles applying this knowledge.

I recommend the validation of the learning through the certification exam with the developer of the base material of this course. In this case CertiProf. Certifications are valued by the industry as an additional mechanism for validating skills and knowledge.

A good complement to this course is learning about team management, digital transformation, Agile, Business Agility, and Scrum.

Labor is demanding more agile knowledge and coaching knowledge every day, this is a good course if you want to learn and know references that allow you to continue developing your toolbox that allows you to improve the performance of the role or begin to understand it in order to apply it in your life and work environment.

When I met and learned about Kanban, I changed the way I saw the tasks that I performed, the activities that I planned with my work teams. My application experience is in services and consulting, however you can apply Kanban with other types of areas and teams. The commercial team of one of the companies he founded uses Kanban as a principle in the sales area. We also now apply it in the Marketing area.

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