ISO / IEC 27001 Lead and Internal Auditor Preparation

ISO / IEC 27001 Lead and Internal Auditor Preparation, MasterClass ISO 27001 exam preparation.

ISO 27001 Auditor – MasterClass

This course was initially conceived as auditing training in ISO 27001, then I decided to include key concepts of an information security management system.

At the last UDEMY LIVE, an event that brings together the most important Udemy instructors, I understood that I could go further and support with an Information Security MasterClass .

Now you can when you finish certify yourself as Auditor, CertiProf Lead Auditor and / or Implementing Consultant in Information Security Management Systems.One of the best-selling courses in my udemy profile and in my company of face-to-face courses is undoubtedly ISO 27001 .

Perhaps it must be because of the growing need in the world to improve all aspects of Information Security and Cybersecurity.

I believe that this course is useful for all types of people who want to know the standard, surely they will learn the fundamental requirements and concepts, but additionally with all the content and the one that I upload regularly I prepare people who wish to exercise the role of auditing Internal or Lead Auditor.

Let’s think that the difference between the internal auditor and the ISO / IEC 27001 lead auditor is based on where and to whom the audit is performed, but the audit concepts will not vary from one role to another. I personally exercised the role of Internal Auditor in the University of I worked for 5 years, but also signed with that knowledge an agreement to do the Audits as Leader in SGS Spain, (Execute them in Latam). Then the course prepares without any doubt to exercise the role of internal auditor and leader, if applicable.

CertiProf, the certification house that I work with for people certification programs, offers both exams, the complexity and safe scope varies. But again, the course you have on Udemy is used to pass both exams.

I hope this information helps you make a decision and that you enjoy my course.

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