Integrated digital marketing course – 12 courses in 1

Integrated digital marketing course – 12 courses in 1, The Complete Digital Marketing Course | Master digital marketing from A to Z in a comprehensive course.

About this course: The

Internet changed everything, culture, commerce and social aspects, then the Internet continued to change electronic uses.
You may have the ambition to work in the field of e-marketing, but ambition alone is not enough without having the necessary e-marketing skills.
The integrated e-marketing course qualifies you for interaction, growth and development, in order to achieve and exceed what you aspire to as well.
This course will help you enter this field and develop in it.

You will learn many marketing skills and channels such as:

1 – Marketing plan
2 – Social media ads
3 – Sales funnel
4 – Online store
5 – Shipping routes
6 – Marketing content

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You will get the juice of years of experience in one course!
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start with you in the first part of the course
with the marketing plan in

order to build a strong foundation before starting and launching our commercial project to a higher level! There must be a good plan. You
will learn how to create a marketing plan for any business, whether it is a small or medium project or a large company.
You will learn about the elements and mechanisms that contribute significantly to the success of our marketing plan
and more…

We move to the second part of the course, which is marketing through social media channels.
Enhance your business presence on social media!
You will be able to target the customer interested in the product or service you provide and
know the social media platform where your target customer is constantly in order to avoid financing on a platform where your target customer is not present and lose a lot of money spent on advertising
. Google AdWords, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp for Business)
After you finish the paid ads, you will learn to analyze the advertising campaigns, read the numbers and results, even if one of your advertising campaigns violates expectations, the error is fixed immediately and ensures successful ads with profitable results and returns and
more …

We move on to the part The third of the cycle is the sales funnel
It is necessary to have a sales path to convert your potential customers on social media into buying customers.
If you suffer from a weakness in your sales, you need to implement the Sales Fans tool, which will help you in a huge growth in sales of your products or services.
You will get a Sales Fans tool compatible with your business, easy to setup And customization at any time
will save the cost of hosting sales fans from paid sites such as Click Fans
and more …

We move to the fourth part of the course, which is building your online store.
Now is the time to move your business on the Internet. We
will learn how to create an integrated online store from the ground up using WordPress and Alocommerce
Comprehensive :-
[Domain, hosting, e-store exterior designs, official emails in the name of your company, adding products, activating payment gateways, adding Arabic and English languages]
And more…

We move to the fifth part of the course, which is dropshipping.
You can now establish your successful project while you are in your bedroom!
Yes, you can now achieve monthly profits from e-commerce through the dropshipping process on Egyptian e-commerce sites such as a merchant website, and you will
learn how to choose the winning and best-selling products in the Egyptian market for the year 2021 and
you will be able to market for those products and achieve regular monthly requests and profits and
more… We

conclude our session Training in the sixth and final part, which is content marketing,
as marketing experts say, content is the king!
We will learn how to create content marketing focused on creating and publishing content to your target audience through social media channels.
You will be able to create content that adds value to your potential customers, which in turn will turn them into buying customers
and more…

After completing this course, you will be able to:

– Become a professional online marketer
– Develop an ideal marketing plan model for your company or online project to ensure its success
– Manage and analyze advertising campaigns on various social media platforms
– Build a sales tunnel that will help you increase sales of your products or services
– Establishing your integrated online store from A to Z without the need for programming experience
– Achieving monthly profits through shipping and e
– commerce routes – Publishing excellent marketing content that contributes to attracting potential customers to you and maintaining your existing customers

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