Integrated Digital Marketing Course – 10 Courses in 1

Integrated Digital Marketing Course – 10 Courses in 1, The Complete Digital Marketing Course | Master digital marketing from A to Z in a comprehensive course.

E-marketing is considered one of the most in demand skills in the labor market, and the demand will continue to increase until the next 10 years, at a rate of 38% increase each year.

This was a statistic published by Mathworks at the beginning of 2021

E-marketing is the nerve of the age and the main pillar in all projects of all sizes, as well as companies

Today, we see that in the labor market, the budgets of most companies in the world are directed to the marketing department, which will be specialized in the largest budget in exchange.


First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Saeed Badr, founder and director of Marketia Net for Marketing Consulting and Training, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and social media
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We want to take a look at each other’s contents

Integrated e-marketing course

The integrated e-marketing course consists of 10 training axes, and each training axis is a training course in itself, so it is called 10 x 1 meaning 10 courses in one training course with a training period of more than 12 educational hours with a total number of more than 60 lectures. Before we go into details More about each training axis separately

We must answer a very important question that is necessary for every trainee among you to ask him or come to his mind this question

What can I do and get after my attendance and completion of the integrated e-marketing course?

After completing the integrated e-marketing course:

  • You will be able to work as a professional online marketer.
  • You will be able to manage and analyze advertising campaigns on various social media platforms.
  • You will be able to develop a marketing plan model for your company or project to ensure its success and can be applied to various products and services.
  • You will be able to publish excellent marketing content on social media that contributes to attracting potential customers to you and maintaining your existing customers.
  • You will be able to build a sales tunnel that will help you grow and increase sales of your products or services automatically.
  • You will be able to launch a successful business on the Internet and establish yourself an integrated online store from the ground up without the need for experience in programming languages ​​and codes.
  • You will be able to achieve monthly profits from e-commerce through the process of dropshipping on Arab e-commerce platforms.

So what will you get?

  • You will receive a certificate of completion of the integrated e-marketing course approved by the global Udemy platform.
  • In addition, you will get another certificate from the Marketia Net platform for marketing consulting and training.
  • In addition to free consultations and follow-up from the lecturer to you throughout the course of the training session and answering all your questions and inquiries.


After we know what we will be able to do and obtain at the end of this training course, let us know together with some of our training path during this course.

The course will be divided as follows:

The first 5 training axes from axis No. 1 to axis No. 5 will be for social media marketing

Like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, and Snapchat

training axes from axis No. 5 to axis No. 8 will be specific to e-marketing strategies and basics

Like the marketing plan, the marketing content and the sales tunnel

And training axis No. 9 will be specific to e-commerce and building electronic stores

And the training axis No. 10 and the last will be for shipping routes and profit from e-commerce

Thus, explain to us our training path, God willing. After that, we will move together with some of the contents of the integrated e-marketing course, and we will say that it consists of 10 training axes.

———————————— The

first axis of the training course will be about Facebook ads

The Facebook platform is the number 1 social networking platform that is most used, not only at the level of the Arab world, not at the level of the whole world, so if you are offering a product or service, a Facebook advertising platform must be directed to it, a large part of the advertising budget due to the gathering of the majority of the target audiences on this platform In the Facebook ads hub, we will learn how to prepare the advertising post that will be promoted because the success of your ad depends on the visual content that your customer sees on social media, so we will learn about successful strategies that make your ad distinct from among competitors’ ads and the crowding of social media ads

After that, we fly to the advertising manager and learn about the different goals of the advertising campaigns and understand how to choose the goal of the advertisement that is suitable for us and our company, whether for the product or service that we provide and ensure that your advertisement is delivered to the right customers based on the data you specified for Facebook

Then we will move on to the most important part of the ads, which is targeting. Of course, we all know the importance of targeting. As long as we target the wrong target, your ad will reach the wrong customers. Unfortunately, your advertising campaign fails. Therefore, you will be able to target customers with specific characteristics.

And it provides the percentage of action from potential customers with purchase or whatever your advertising goal is

After that, we will go back again to explain the advertising goals in a more accurate and comprehensive way. We will explain in detail campaigns such as brand awareness and reach

Campaigns like visits, app installs, and video views

Campaigns like collecting customer data and messages

Then we move on to analyzing the advertising campaigns or analyzing the advertising campaigns, so that you will be able to after the creation of the advertising campaign, you can do an analysis of the results that you obtained, and therefore if the advertisement went against your expectations, you know where the error is and where to avoid it in the other camps that you will do and have good and successful results

The last part of the Facebook advertising course will be with us, we will move to a more professional job, and we will explain strategies for the success of advertising campaigns, such as the custom audience strategy and the similar one through which I can retarget customers who interacted with me previously or make purchases on my online store or I work as a dedicated audience and target customers through numbers Their mobiles or emails, and this will be done through an Excel sheet, uploading it to Facebook, and it starts targeting customers with these numbers or emails, and delivers my advertisement to them.

As well as other strategies such as Facebook pixel code and the feature of tracking my customers on my website or online store and other strategies


The second axis of the training course will be about Instagram ads

We want to understand each other first

Why should you start advertising your product on Instagram?

We all know that “a picture is 1000 words”, and because Instagram is originally a platform based on visual content, this makes it the most interactive platform for the audience on the level of all other social media platforms.

How do you win this interaction in favor of your product and reach your target audience more clearly and thus achieve greater sales? All this we will get to know together, God willing, in the axis of Instagram ads

get to know me

Advantages of advertising your product on Instagram.

get to know me

The concept of Instagram ads, their policies and requirements.

get to know me

Steps to create professional advertising campaigns on Instagram.


How to design an Instagram ad with Facebook.


The perfect way to target your audience with the right budget.

And how to analyze the advertising campaign on Instagram professionally


The third axis of the training course will be about Google ads

Google AdWords ads The most important thing that distinguishes them is that your customer is the one who searches for you or your product with specific words that make it easier for you to reach a target customer

So, in the axis of Google ads, we will get to know each other

Choosing research words and advertising on the search network

As well as the relationship of Google Adwords with marketing objectives

Then we start reviewing and analyzing the keywords

We will then move on to the details of the advertising campaigns and the importance of the different channels

We will also learn about the tool for using the keyword planner to determine the budget and analyze the target words

And we will be able to create an advertisement professionally and we will track the results of advertising campaigns and extract reports

We analyze the advertising campaign as a whole


The fourth axis of the training course will be about YouTube ads

More than 1 billion hours of video are watched daily by about 2 billion users on YouTube

And being the second largest search engine in terms of spread after Google and occupying the third place in the list of social media used globally

Here, the importance of the YouTube video platform is shown as one of the most important platforms in which you must advertise your product or service.

We will get to know each other through this training module

The different types of ads on YouTube

We will be able to create a professional advertising campaign on YouTube

We will also learn about strategies to achieve successful targeting of your audience

And targeting methods through words, sites, channels and topics

We will learn how to control the frequency of advertisements for Frequency Cabin customers and determine the number of dead scads

How do I follow my advertisement and analyze the advertising campaign effectively in order to increase sales?


The fifth axis of the training course will be about Twitter and Snapchat ads

Twitter and Snapchat are the two most used social networking platforms in the Gulf countries, with an increase of 12% every year.

Therefore, if you are a product owner or service provider targeting the Gulf market, Snapchat and Twitter ads must be part of your advertising plan.

We will get to know each other through this section

How do we define our target audience in Snapchat and Twitter ads?

As well as the different forms of ads on Snapchat and Twitter, because we will meet very many forms of ads and they have very multiple formats

What can be important and what can be easy for us to use?

And what are the reasons that can help us reach that we can interact with our target market in a strong way?

And we will also know with each other how to define our Badges on Snapchat and Twitter

How do we connect them to our marketing goals or the goals we want to reach?

Also, how do we improve the performance of our ads and analyze advertising campaigns on Snapchat and Twitter?


The sixth axis of the training course will be about a strong and effective marketing plan, in addition to practical applications and models

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. One of the most important skills that you must learn as someone working in the field of e-marketing is the skill of planning,

and this is what we will learn in this training axis, God willing, and we will learn how we can make an integrated marketing plan professionally through a group of different case studies and a group There are many practical applications, and you will be able to develop your performance in developing online marketing plans and present them professionally


The seventh axis of the training course will be about content marketing – and business development through content marketing

As marketing experts say

Content is king

If you can have unique content, believe me, you will not need to pay in ads

This is the art of content marketing that we want to learn its origins together

We will learn how to create marketing content that focuses on creating and publishing content for your target audience through social media channels.

And you will be able to create content that adds value to your potential customers, which in turn converts them to buyers and permanent customers.

We will get to know each other through this training module

On the concept of content marketing

After that, we will move on to how to create content that has a purpose

After we have prepared the content, we will be able to publish it on the appropriate marketing channels

We will learn about content marketing through influencers and celebrities on social media

As well as adjusting the content to search to suit Google search engines 

Finally, we can prepare a complete plan for the content


The eighth axis of the training course will be about sales funnel in e-marketing

A strategy used by a smart minority of marketers and owners of products and services to grow their sales significantly and significantly, and thus increase the volume of revenues and profits that they achieve, which is the sales funnel or the sales funnel. Successful sales to profits for your project or company

And we will learn together through this training axis how to design professional cell phones suitable for the product or service that we provide ourselves, and save ourselves large sums of money for monthly subscriptions for cellulite forms paid for by sites like Click Fans.

Sales and flannels, their success does not depend on the last stage, which is the buying stage. No, this is a complementary thing, which is at the end of the flannels. The customer takes action and buys, but its greatest success is to attract the attention of the potential customer, define him and increase his awareness of your brand, because the customer can transgress with you in such a flannel, and it is not a condition to buy From the first flannel he entered, meaning that we do not forget the importance of the flannel at the last stage of buying, but what is the importance of buying as long as the customer does not know you or hear about your brand, so the success of the flannel depends mainly on interacting with the customer and attracting his attention from the crowd of social media and hitting competitors and taking it Quietly like this, the flannels come and go with you
in such a stage of it (awareness, then interest, then desire) until it arrives at the last stage of the flannels, which is the purchase


The ninth axis of the training course will be about e-commerce: Create your online store, step by step

Of course, we all know that e-commerce is the future

E-commerce will dominate the world and will be the main driver of the global economy and will reach $7 trillion annually in 2025.

After completing this training module

You will be able to create an integrated online store from the ground up using WordPress and WooCommerce

For your company, business or dropshipping

The store will be comprehensive

Domain and Hosting

And external designs for the online store

Official emails on behalf of the company

Adding products, managing orders and shipping

Activate payment gateways

Added two languages, Arabic and English


The tenth and final axis of the integrated e-marketing course will be about shipping paths and profit from e-commerce

We want to understand why the last 5 years have classified drop shipping as the best successful business ever and without risk?

Because simply too many shipping routes, you are selling products that you do not own

And you do not bear the expenses of merchandise, rent, or even the salaries of employees and other basic expenses that any commercial project that exists on the ground needs.

After completing the paths shipping axis and profiting from e-commerce (in the Arab market)

You will be able to make monthly profits from e-commerce with a simple capital through the process of dropshipping on e-commerce sites (Arabic)

And the dropshipping platforms are professional as a merchant platform and choose the winning and best-selling products in the (Arab) market for the year 2021

Create your integrated online store using WooCommerce and WordPress and dropship of merchant products on your own online store

And you will be able to shop for products using sponsored Facebook ads, get customers, and achieve regular monthly orders and profits.


All right. I have a question now. This training course is directed to whom?

Addressed to :

  • Marketers and sellers of products and services via the Internet and social media.
  • And for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, whether they are owners of companies or commercial projects.
  • And for freelancers wishing to work under a job title as an electronic marketer.
  • Students wishing to develop their skills and experience in the field of e-marketing.
  • And all people wishing to launch a successful business on the Internet and make monthly profits through the process of dropshipping on Arab e-commerce platforms.

God willing, the course will be interesting. You can now join thousands of trainees, and you will be provided

Money-back guarantee valid for 30 days, in which you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the level of the course or the lectures for any reason.

See you well in the training session, God willing, and may the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you. Happy Badr was with you

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