Initiation to programming with JavaScript

Initiation to programming with JavaScript, Acquire the knowledge to get started in web programming.

Learn the basics to get started in web programming with JavaScript

In the videos we will go step by step with the basic structure that we must know in any programming language, specifically we will use JavaScript, the most used programming language in web programming from the frontend side.

The videos are totally practical and we will gradually advance with JavaScript.

At the end of the course we will see some examples of basic code with JavaScript and I also leave the files used during the course.

The software used during the course is completely free, for the code editor I have used Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the browser used is Google’s Chrome.

If as a student you are adapted to other editors or browsers, there is no problem in using it.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through the different channels and social networks, also visit my YouTube channel where I have numerous tutorials published on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python …

On the YouTube channel you can access the different content through the lists that I have created to categorize the different tutorials that I have uploaded to the channel.

You can also contact via emal.

I hope the course is useful and that it is a good start in Web Programming, thank you very much.

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