How to create and work in a video game studio

How to create and work in a video game studio, From creating your company, learning how all departments work to developing or publishing video games.

Flyleaf Studios is a company that was born with the objective of bringing to life the first Kandra game, the Moonwalker where artists, musicians, programmers, animators and others could show their full potential in a platform game in the style of Spyro the dragon, Crash Bandicoot and the like.

In our online course we reveal what it means to work in a multidisciplinary team, of several people, totally online and coordinating the work to finish launching your own game. Nowadays creating games is undoubtedly an option, and even more so if they are financed among a group of friends with the aim of ending up founding your own company and selling your game through the various mobile platforms, Steam or consoles. With our course you will know all the aspects of each department, way of working to finish launching that first game. Included:

  • Concept and creation of the idea of ​​the video game, the characters, the story and the world
  • Character modeling, texturing, rigging and animation with the various optimization stages and levels
  • Blockout, creation of levels, scenes, environments and lighting
  • Musical composition and sound effects
  • Programming of mechanics, levels and functionalities
  • Marketing, social media management, and creating your own Kickstarter campaign

This is not a programming or design course, if not a way of working, structure, organization and everything you must take into account to be able to create your own video game company and not make the beginner mistakes at the beginning.

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