GPO, Full Windows Server Group Policies

GPO, Full Windows Server Group Policies, Everything you need to know to be an expert in Group Policies (GPO) in Windows Sever.

This course is aimed at all those who want to either learn or expand their knowledge about Active Directory, those who want to prepare for the MCSA certification, or simply need to acquire the knowledge to progress in their professional career benefiting from this fantastic course in which we cover all aspects of group policies or group policies (GPO).

This course will help both those who are already working in IT positions, and all those who want to take the step to enter the world of information technology and systems administration.

The following areas are covered in this course:

Well explained terminology in Microsoft language, to prepare you for certification

Install Windows Server

Deploy roles and features

Introduction of Group Policies

Create and modify group policies

Design and implementation of group policies


And much much more!!! What are you waiting for!!

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