Explore and paint with watercolors III

Explore and paint with watercolors III, The tree and its close environment.

When I set out to put together this course, I did not hesitate to choose “the tree” as the central theme, which would allow me to develop a simple but profound journey, so that you connect with your own searches, nourish yourself with basic concepts and techniques, to lead them, transform them into through your own experience and exploration.

Finally you will express through water and pigment, you will paint expanding everything you have learned.

I am convinced that artistic expressions connect intimately with ourselves, regardless of the technique we want to follow. That is why I trust the method you choose to put yourself into action.

I invite you to contemplate, to be inspired by this theme, perceiving the structures, morphology, colors, textures. In this way you will also relate the environment that surrounds it, how they are linked and understood. At that moment you will be attentive to moving the resources that allow you to paint a composition, linking each element, the tree, a grove, the sky, earth and water.

Each practice will bring you closer to the sensitive plane that will allow you to capture your own gaze, your perceived reality. For this, you will have at your disposal each proposed exercise, which will accompany your own creative process.

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