Excel VBA / macros programming. Automation with Excel

Excel VBA / macros programming. Automation with Excel, Learn Excel Macro VBA Programming: Make Excel Work For You!.

In this course you will learn to master Excel macros with ease and to master VBA programming.


  • Do you like practical explanations with real examples?
  • You do n’t  just want  examples prepared for the course that are not relevant in practice?
  • Do you want to get to know real cases and real problems?
  • You want to hear experiences and pitfalls from 10 years of programming activity?
  • Is the background story important to you, and not just the briefest possible explanation of a function?
  • Do you think live coding with debugging is better than sterile examples from a test tube?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
This course offers you over 17 hours of concentrated knowledge from 13 years of Excel VBA programming experience.

What does that mean?
I have been working full-time as a consultant and project manager since 2007. At that time a colleague initiated me into the world of Excel macro programming, and since then I have been accelerating all possible processes for my superiors, colleagues and clients. 

The effects are unbelievable: Imagine you need several hours every month to carry out the same tasks manually over and over again, for example: Consolidating status reports, recording timesheets, automatic quality checks or the like. And afterwards you have to create files and send the whole thing out to different colleagues. Or you have to do the same calculations every week, filter certain cases in a table and then color the results accordingly.

You can automate all of this with the help of Excel VBA macros and create it in a few minutes!

Excel VBA macros are just a tool to bring your ideas to life. It’s like a bike that gets you from A to B faster than if you walked. Then you can concentrate on more important things or take on new tasks. 

As a rule, this gives you an advantage that gives you better projects and a better job in the long term, while the others are still copying data back and forth by hand.

I promise you that with the help of Excel VBA macros you can speed up your standard tasks by 300-500%! If not, you can simply return the course within 30 days and get your full investment back!

See you in the course,
your Sebastian.

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