DIY Home Inspection

DIY Home Inspection, Do you have what it takes to do a home inspection?.

This course is designed for students looking to purchase a home or the beginner home inspector. We will give you a step by step process to do a general home inspection. We will start with the important components on the exterior. The attic and crawlspace will be addressed. We will also teach you what to look for on the interior. Last but not least, we will talk about one of the most important concerns in a home, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

We will give you a clear explanation as to the important areas you should pay special attention to. Performing a thorough inspection starts with the proper process. Once the course has been completed, you should be able to walk through a potential home purchase and recognize defects that may affect your decision to put an offer in on a home that is defective.

By no means is this course a replacement for a professional home inspection. Every home inspector does things differently, I give you the perspective from a very successful inspector that pays attention to the important details during a home inspection. Home inspectors are expensive and you may not have the time to hire one before you place an offer on a home.

Why pay a professional $400 to find out you want to back out of the contract? You will have this course finished in an hour. Let’s do this!

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