Digital dropshipping masterclass

Digital dropshipping masterclass, # 1 digital dropshipping course: the step by step guide for selling & marketing digital products.

Are you unprofitable with your dropshipping shop or have you not even started? Then be one of the first and learn the new digital dropshipping business model here!

No dubious Chinese dealers, no more product purchasing costs and no more delivery costs / long delivery times. Here I will show you step by step how to buy rights to finished, digital products, build a profitable Shopify shop and place targeted online advertising. We do all of this together live on the PC and you can see my professional products, online shops and advertising campaigns. All you need is your laptop and at least € 100 start-up capital. You will learn skills and knowledge that will be of use to you for the rest of your life.

What exactly will you learn in this course?

1. Find the right niche + buy license rights to finished, digital products

2. Build a highly profitable Shopify shop step by step

3. Implement digital products in your shop and write high-quality sales texts

4. Create and modify Shopify themes and make them customer-friendly

5. Which apps, frontend and backend settings do you need

6. Have a cheap logo created and adjust the domain / color

7. Write professional copywriting (sales psychology)

8. Set up and understand Facebook Business Manager !

9. Set up iOS-14 update correctly in order to reach more targeted customers

10. Create advertising campaigns and place and manage Facebook ads

11. What to do if an ad or ad manager has been blocked?

12. When to stop advertising and when to scale to generate higher profits

And much more!


First of all I will introduce you to the “digital dropshipping business model”. Then we will look for a niche for you together. I will show you how and where you can buy the license rights to professional e-books, training plans, video courses, etc. Don’t panic, the license rights usually cost less than 10 € and you can then sell the digital product indefinitely. (You can of course also create a course / e-book yourself) The special thing about this business model is that there are no Chinese dealer connections, delivery times, delivery costs and even product costs (since you only have to buy the license rights once).

You will learn how to set up a Shopify shop specifically for digital products and which apps you need for them. I will show you this in the course, so that you only have to set up your shop by copy & paste. I’ll show you what you have to consider when you create product descriptions, import them into Shopify and add the products to the site. We will individually create a logo, shop name / color and domain for your niche.

As soon as we are done with that, I will introduce you to various platforms such as Facebook Business Manager. I will create various highly profitable Facebook ads with you step by step. You will learn how to target the right target group for digital products and what you have to pay close attention to.

I will build a Shopify online shop LIVE in this course, create and scale Facebook Ads. You will therefore be able to copy my system 1 to 1. At the end of the course, I will also show you how you can sell your shop for 150 euros or more, even if it has not yet made a single sale.

Get started before you feel ready! There will never be a perfect moment to start something.

You have nothing to risk and a lot to learn! See you in the course 🙂

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