Create a Loans and Collections System in Codeigniter 3

Create a Loans and Collections System in Codeigniter 3, Using codeigniter’s MVC pattern, HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, DATA TABLES plugin, FPDF library and JQUERY with AJAX – 2021.

With this course you will learn to create a Loan and Collection System in codeigniter 3 , all you need is to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQUERY and CODEIGNITER. ⚡️✨

You will also have access to all the code of the course, we will start the course by installing the local xampp server, then we will begin to design the database, we will configure our codeigniter framework to be able to use it, later we will begin to design the main interfaces of our system and in this way You will be able to consolidate your knowledge that you will acquire by watching the videos.

Then you will learn to work with codeigniter programming logic and a lot of other things.

We will also see how to use DATA TABLES, likewise, we will learn to use the FPDF library to generate the pdf reports of our system and we will learn many other things.

We will learn to generate advanced sql queries, making unions of several tables in our database, to generate the reports.

We will use the FORM VALIDATION library that codeigniter provides us to do the server-side validations. Likewise, to validate our login form we will use the SESSION library .

We will also use the CHART, JS library to show the amount of loans by currency in our graph.

Finally, we are going to give security to our administrative panel, so that they cannot access our modules of our system without first having logged in.

You will also have access to the private facebook group to help each other.

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