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Beginner Data Analysis Using SQL and Microsoft SQL Server

Beginner Data Analysis Using SQL and Microsoft SQL Server, Learn Hands-On how to build Real World SQL Queries to answer questions with data.

SQL Server is a relational database management system -RDBMS developed and owned by Microsoft.

Thousands of companies all over the world use SQL Server for their data solution.
SQL -Structured Query Language is an internationally recognized language used to communicate and manipulate various database systems.

T-SQL – Transact SQL is Microsoft’s implementation of SQL. There are a lot of similarities between them but also proprietary parts that are specific to SQL Server.

SQL can be used for Data Analysis to transform data already present in the database into valuable useful information that helps companies and organizations make key business and management decisions.

This course is a beginner’s guide to performing data analysis using SQL to interrogate SQL Server to provide answers to data related questions. You will learn to write useful SQL queries that apply to the Real World production environment.

Everywhere data is being collected, every transaction, every web page visit, every payment—all these and much, much more are filling relational databases with raw data that can be analyzed to provide useful information.

There is a demand for people who can use data to perform reporting and analysis thus helping businesses and organizations make important and critical decisions.

Skills You will learn to include:

• How to design and write simple SQL queries for data analysis.
• How to merge data from multiple tables
• How to use aggregate functions
• How to use wild cards with SQL queries
• How to group related data
• How to Filter Data search with SQL WHERE clause
• How to Use Alias
• How to retrieve all the data from a table

In this course, we will use SQL to provide answers to questions like:
How many customers or employees doe a company has?
How many sales reps does a company have?
When was the first order placed?

This course is packed with real-world examples that will help you build your SQL Skills.

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