Basic Excel Course

Basic Excel Course, Direct-to-Grain Excel Pocket Course – For Every Excel Beginner!.

Excel Pocket Course that you can take anywhere. We will touch on the most fundamental but at the same time indispensable topics when we use Excel. Designed for all those who are starting with this powerful tool.

– First things first: In the first video I tell you what are the points to discuss. Then, we will move on to the main content of the course. 

– We will address Shortcuts and Tricks so that you can begin to feel how easy it is to work with the interface. We learn the most used keyboard shortcuts and how this saves you seconds and even minutes a day. Isn’t that what it is about when we use Excel?

– We will see in the same way how to save time with the Autofill option . Very efficient if you know what you are doing.

– Later we will see why Data Validation is so vital when creating our templates. Knowing what type of data we enter will save us a lot of headaches later on.

– The Si Function is a powerful tool for working with dynamic data. Let’s see how to take advantage of it.

– And we will finish with Graphics , obviously this is the main reason why you work with Excel, to be able to represent the data in visual graphics.

*** BONUS *** : In a separate video, I show you how to Highlight Data easily and effectively.

Hope you like. Hug.

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