Agile Coach Fundamentals based on CertiProf Certification

Agile Coach Fundamentals based on CertiProf Certification, Know fundamental aspects of the role.

This course shows basic aspects of the role of an Agile Coach.

Based on the academic curriculum developed by CertiProf. It is not a complete vision of the impact of an Agile Coach, but it does provide all the fundamentals required to start a career that I believe never ends.

Being an Agile Coach is a challenge and responsibility that must keep constant training open. Have a constant learning mindset.

The job portals of all countries show figures of the need for this role, their responsibilities and their income. [Something very interesting].

This course teaches you the basics of the Agile Coach role.

The course contains a quick look at the concepts that prepare for the global certification ACPC (Acronym in English) Agile Coach Professional Certificate from CertiProf.

Learn, give me feedback and let’s build the best course for those who want to play the role.

I recommend the validation of the learning through the certification exam with the developer of the base material of this course. CertiProf.

A good complement to this course is learning about team management, digital transformation, Agile, Business Agility, and Scrum.

Labor is demanding more agile knowledge and coaching knowledge every day, this is a good course if you want to learn and know references that allow you to continue developing your toolbox that allows you to improve the performance of the role or begin to understand it in order to apply it in your life and work environment.

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