Adobe Photoshop course. From initiation to expert!

Adobe Photoshop course. From initiation to expert!, Learn Photoshop and become a master of digital photography with Photoshop 2020.

In this PHOTOSHOP course we will start from an initiation level to finish finishing the course by mastering the program at an expert level . We will learn all the Photoshop tools such as: selection and coloring tools, transformation, repair and photographic retouching, layers, vector graphics and much more. It is a very complete course equivalent to 20 teaching hours where theory and practice go hand in hand through numerous exercises that will increase in complexity as more knowledge is acquired. It is designed to end with an expert knowledge of Photoshop, which will allow us to face any project successfully.

My way of teaching consists of first explaining the theory of the tools, so that later the student can repeat the same steps that are shown in the videos and is able to master the program. Likewise, exercises are proposed at the end of each class and a final exercise to definitively learn how to use Photoshop correctly.


The final project will consist of making a poster in Photoshop, where everything learned in the course will be put into practice in a creative way. Said poster must address one of the following two themes:

Option A: advertising poster for the jazz music festival held in Perugia and known as ¨Umbria Jazz¨.

Option B: advertising poster for the film festival known as: ¨Festival de Cannes¨.

Both posters must meet the following requirements:

– 19 x13 inch format .

– The words ¨Umbria Jazz¨ or ¨Cannes Festival¨ should appear depending on the option chosen + year of the next edition.

– The official logo must be included , corresponding to the option chosen.

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